Mission Statement

If YouTube and Slideshare would make a baby then it would be named Parleys. Parleys is the best platform to combine both slides and video in a very engaging manner.


The actual definition of the word Parleys is: a discussion or a conference. And that’s where it all started. In 2006 Stephan Janssen, Founder of Devoxx, got the idea to stop sharing all the seminars on DVD and move towards an online platform. Together with Benjamin Dobler he started to brainstorm for possibilities and thus Parleys was born. At first it was only used to share the Devoxx presentations but soon others got also interested in using the platform. Parleys is growing every day and has already a headcount of 6 people. Other sectors are already showing interest, so expect more content and new features in the near future. The root of Parleys is the word ‘Parler’, a french word, which means: to speak. Let your presentations speak louder through our Parleys platform!

Stephan Janssen

Stephan Janssen, CEO, is the founder of Parleys. Stephan is a serial entrepreneur that has founded several successful organizations such as the Belgian Java User Group (BeJUG) in 1996, JCS Int. in 1998, JavaPolis (now Devoxx) in 2001 and recently Parleys.com in 2006. He has spoken at numerous Java and JUG conferences around the world.

Kristien Leyn

Kristien Leyn takes care of the 1024 none-technical tasks that need to get done to keep Parleys.com up and running.

Benjamin Dobler

Does frontend development.

Gert Leenders

Gert Leenders, Product Manager and server-side developer at Parleys. Likes to discover new technologies and has a passion for electronics and robotics.

Carlo Waelens

And last but not least Carlo Waelens joined the team as Sales & Marketing Director. His responsibilities are keeping the social media up to date and taking control of the marketing. Next to this he is following all the ongoing cases as well as creating new opportunities for Parleys. Carlo also is a passionate DJ and a dedicated soccer player.


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